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(listen along with the first few moments of Brian Eno's /Music for Airports 1/1)
Remember you are here to sing your part of the cosmic song, to compose rhythms and melodies and harmonies and language as to make greater coherence of this Local Puddle, to act without reference to ossified arbitraries, to align syllables and perspectives as to effect concordant geometries of transcendental primes, provident of perchance easier paths for future travellers to meander down: occasionally you might chance upon those meandering in your direction, singing harmony to your melody, and sometimes you might be alien amongst aliens: on the whirly rainbow contrails into the wondrous distance, in their uncertain depth there is the promise of momentous structure, interfilamentary tributary confluences scented like mint vapor, drifting off into smoke signal plumes, lazily, into the imperceptible. relief obtains from the foggy horizon, those infinitely separated events from you of the same nature as you for which no distance so worrisome might defile your affinity. Therefore, inherit succour from these interswiffiliatory fugues, for at no point is any element of life, pray tell, is the answer to an essential mystery a whole thing in and of and only itself, and those woven strands of Indra's network in sublime fabric, which might be encountered with no nod to the deterministic, provide calm in the face of unfriendly environments.